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The successful companies of the future are the companies that are capable of connecting the consumer with user-friendly and value-adding platforms, effective procedures and scalable business functions, without losing focus of the most important elements – the needs and trust of the Consumers.

The Digital landscape is playing an increasingly larger role in bringing financial services to customers, and people of all demographics are actively searching for solutions on the Internet. You, your platform and the service you provide need to be able to gain the trust of all consumers.

To be able to not only keep up with development, but to be the one creating the market, the platform needs to be innovative and specialized in understanding and utilizing the info and data your Customer gives you. At the same time, you need a competent and continuously-learning team. The Fintech landscape is constantly evolving and for a company to have long-term success, a genuine interest and understanding must exist in all layers of the company.

Salus Group is a Finnish company with a Nordic heart and a vision of being a global player within the financial technology scene and consumer finance. The world of banking is going digital and Salus Group is here to add pace to the transformation.

Our business proposition is built on a proprietary technology, developed based on the founder’s long experience and unique understanding of the market within the digital space of consumer finance and customer acquisition. The system ties all key players of the value chain together, from media partners to lenders, in a quick, informative and adaptable way. With just one application, the Consumer is in dialogue with several Banks and can, within a few hours, pick the best match from among them. It is built to develop the market and add value to all parties, on a larger scale.